Tokyo Fish Market

I spend some early morning hours at the word largest fish market, watching creatures of the sea being sliced into small portions. The giant market is build in a circular shape and after strolling around for a while I lost orientation. Signage is in Japanese only and I didn't dare to ask some busy worker for help. Towards the outer area I came across a Sushi Bar, which to my surprise, at 7am, was already open. I sat down and pointed at some photo on the menu. The friendly chef performed his routine of slicing & assembling to hand over a large tray of geometrically beautified beasts. Having eel for breakfast isn't my first choice generally. Feeling observed by the chef, I did my best to display delight while swallowing nausea inducing textures. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the spectacularly fresh food this morning and left the market happy with a memorable experience.