A shop like no other shop. 

From day one we all are consumers. What happens to what we consume? And what do we actually consume? Breast-milk, nappies, time, parental and ancestral wisdom and stupidity, dishwashing liquid, cotton & nylon, water & wine, iDevices and so on. I'm interested in the idea of being a merchant. But what should I sell? Below you can find a small selection of tangible and intangible goodies which you can buy, rent or book. Isn't that nice!

Get to know your iPhone

Location: Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg, Mitte area
$50 is for a casual 2-3h session. 
We can do this through Skype as well

You have a new iPhone and are struggling to get your head around all these nifty features, like, FaceTime, iCloud, iMessage, panorama camera, Siri and Apple maps navigation.

Everyone uses their iPhone in a different manner. For some people it is merely a mobile phone, other people use it as their favourite camera or podcast player. Millions of possibilities, limited life time. 

I'll show you how to use your iPhone in better ways. Be it by finding the right ToDo app, the best note app or the best photo editing app. I have over 350 iPhone apps in my iTunes library. Call me curious. I simply like using (and discarding) apps for various reason. Anyway, if you want to learn how to use your iPhone to the max, give me a call.

Some of the included topics in this iPhone crash course

  • iPhone set-up and back-up 
  • Build in Apple apps intro
  • Learning touch screen gestures
  • Buying & setting up apps
  • Photo editing and sharing
  • Learning how to type quickly 
  • How does Siri work
  • Getting your music onto your iPhone
  • The magical world of podcasts
  • How to shoot & edit video directly on your iPhone
  • Battery saving tricks
  • and sooooo much more
Test your blood sugar level

Location: Berlin, Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg area

Do you know your fasting blood sugar level? And what's your post meal blood sugar reading? How fast do you return to your baseline? Wait, your thinking, why would I care? Well maybe, just maybe, your feeding yourself with food which is giving you brain fog, post meal energy drop-of and other enjoyments. 

I have a blood sugar meter which is chronically under-utilised (what an ugly word). You can book this meter for multiple days if you want to measure you blood sugar level at different times of the day.

Asahi Pentax 85mm F1.8 lens

Borrow this lens for $2.50 per day. 
Pick-up location: Berlin (Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg)

  • Pentax screw mount
  • 85mm F1.8
  • Including Nikon adaptor

Please choose the number of days below:

Secure your precious data

You have an Apple laptop and don't know how to back-up your precious data aka photos, music and emails. Its easy, just use Time Machine. You don't know what Time Machine is? Well than you are a candidate for my little back-up set-up introduction. I'll show you how to do a simple back up and how you can store your data safely in the cloud for the rare case of a meteoroid hitting your laptop or your neighbour flooding your flat.

I have 40000 digital photos on my hard-drives and I have been struggling my whole laptop life trying to keep these precious files save. It's soooo easy if someone just shows you how to do this. I wish I had someone like me, years back, showing me how to keep it simple AND safe. 

Learn to make drip coffee

Location: Berlin Prenzlauer Berg or Mitte area

$35 per 2-3 hour session. Fun, curiosity and talk inclusive.

Forget everything you know about milk based coffee or espresso and start tasting the subtle flavours of lightly roasted single origin beans from Kenya, Ethiopia and El Salvador. Warning: You might end up turning into a coffee snob with the possibility of having to drink peppermint tea at your favourite local cafes because you can't stomach their gum irritating brew. 

I'll bring all the machines (Chemex, Kalita, V60, Aeropress and MyPressi) and all the beans and than we'll spend some time at your or my place digging into all the un-name-able flavours and silly problems creating this intoxicating golden liquid. Great stuff.