Single photos
I like taking photos, simple and straight forward without forcing life into some conceptual straight-jacket.

Walkabout snaps
Walking and snapping is a very pleasurable way of exercising your mind and everything below.

Tokyo Fish Market
I spend a few short early morning hours at the world largest fish market, smelling, snapping and eating fish.

In and out of darkness 
There are plenty of corners in Sydney where the light is as sharp as razor blades.  


iPhone Histamatics 
A couple of shots taken with the iPhone and the Hipstamatic. Not that this matters really. A photo is a photo.

Berlin Mauerpark 
Between tourist attraction and wishful Woodstock, Mauerpark is a place which one should enjoy while it's there.

A subject always close by but something which somehow manages to escape my sight again and again. 

Berlin Alexanderplatz
Berlin Alexanderplatz is a colourful tapestry of faces & stories, converging all into this single large space.

Self Portraits
Lugging a camera around for all these years, it's simply unavoidable recording ones own presence.

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