Improve your photographic knowledge & skills

My workshops are intended for beginners and intermediate photographers. All topics of discussions are for the purpose of expanding your practical skills and improving your photos.

The main three aspects of discussion and practical training are as follow. Firstly, naming of ones favourite photographers and articulating what makes their photographs special. Secondly, going out photographing. Thirdly, critiquing ones own and other workshop members photographs.

Photographers I use as case studies in my workshops include, Daido Moriyama, Lee Friedlander, Alec Soth, André Kertész, Tod Papageorge, Garry Winogrand and August Sander. 

In my workshops I deliberately avoid topics revolving around gear envy, upgrade hysteria and bigger is better. This doesn't mean that I don't talk about technical aspects like shutterlag, autofocus speed, sensor/film size or optical viewfinder versus electronic viewfinder. All technical aspects in photography are subordinate to the photographic outcome. 

Workshop: Photographing on Berlin's streets, aka Street Photography

Overview: This is a hands & eye on workshop. We will be walking & dissecting the street life of Berlin Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg. At the most basic level this workshop is about training your brain & eye to start seeing photographically and learning how to walk, approach and behave when photographing people on the street.

To quote good old Garry Winogrand, "Photography is not about the thing photographed. It is about how that thing looks photographed." 

Topics: Separated into technical and creative aspects, following topics will be discussed. 
Creative: #Controlled framing #Overcoming duress related bad framing #The right moment #Seeing and controlling clutter #Pre-visualisation versus free-flow #Understanding natural light and its various characters #Correct etiquette when photographing people on the street
Technical: #Camera selection #General camera handling  #Lens selection #Light metering #Zone focusing #Simplifying feature heavy modern cameras #Appropriate photo editing software

I'm not a dogmatist and topics can of course vary depending on what workshop participants already know and wish to talk about.

Duration: The workshop is around 8 hours.  
Requirements: Your own camera (digital or film). 
Location: Berlin Prenzlauer Berg
Dates: 30 February 2014 / 30 March 2014 / 30 April 2014
Price: €85 (maximum 6 people per workshop)

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