The picture below refers to my previous post about speciality coffee in Cologne, or more precisely about the two coffee rosters Schamong and Van Dyck in Cologne Ehrenfeld. Furthermore it helps of course to have a closer look at the beans roast colour and its size in order to understand the resulting flavours. 

After being slightly disappointed with the Schamong and Van Dyck filter coffees, I took a closer look at the coffee beans I'm using at the moment for my home made coffee. A Kenyan espresso roast from The Barn in Berlin, a Guatemalan espresso roast from Die Rösterei Moxxa and a Ethiopian Sidamo filter roast from Van Dyck

It's easy to see that The Barn espresso roast is actually lighter in colour even than the filter roast from Van Dyck. This might explain why I'm missing the acidity and fruitiness in Van Dyck's darker filter roast. The Guatemala espresso roast from Die Rösterei is significantly darker and oilier than The Barn espresso roast. Anyway, enough talk. I'm going to brew the last The Barn Kenyan beans with my Aeropress and see if I can extract some acidity and fruit from their light espresso roast.

For a single origin coffee beginner like myself, I find that the washed high altitude African beans are really addictive. So far, I find any filter coffee lacking acidity still rather unexciting. Enough now. I have to get out. The sky out there is showing its rare winter blue colour.