I'm in Cologne Ehrenfeld checking out, together with my cousin, a couple of speciality coffee roasters. Our first coffee is a Brazilian V60 at Schamong Kaffee, Cologne's oldest coffee roaster. This single origin Brazilian bean is really unexciting. Not my cup of tea. It's my first Brazilian single origin coffee. I'm missing acidity and fruitiness, which I have gotten use to with most African beans. I'm not sure if that's the way Brazilian coffee generally tastes or if the barista is having a bad day. 

We make our way over to the nearby coffee roster Van Dyck, hoping to find some more complex flavours. I order a french press Ethiopian Sidamo as they don't serve any V60, Chemex or Aeropress. And again, nothing special, just a decent cup of coffee. I'm a bit surprised seeing the barista serve the coffee in the coffee maker and not in some decanter. French press coffee should be decanted in order to avoid over-extraction. I'm probably a bit spoiled by a couple of great Berlin speciality coffee places (The Barn, CK, Five Elephant, Bonanza Coffee Heroes, Röststätte). For my taste, Schamong and Van Dyck roast their filter coffees (at least the ones I tried) a bit to dark, perhaps loosing some of the lighter fruity flavours and some sweetness and acidity.