I'm back in Berlin at The Barn specialty coffee rosters. As with so many people in our post-industrial world, I often work for hours, silently, in front of a radiant blue screen.  Pseudo socialising and reading (The Epi-Paleo RX by Dr. Jack Kruse) in a busy cafe helps to alleviate MacBook Pro loneliness. 

I'm keen to find out why my Chemex, Aeropress and V60 coffees I brew at home, just don't have the clarity and subtle flavours I get at places like The Barn.

The V60 Ethiopian Yirgacheffe I order, is again, far better than what I'm currently extracting at home. It might be the water quality or grind consistency. I'll make a V60 at home tonight with some Volvic water and see what happens.

I think one of the top export articles from Australia, apart from merino wool, mineral resources and Ugg boots, must be their baristas. Many of The Barn baristas behind the counter are from Down Under.