I bought the smallest version of the beautifully designed Chemex coffee maker at Goldhahn & Sampson in Berlin. The Chemex brewing method with its thick paper filter gives you a clean sediment free, tea like, cup of coffee. The Chemex is coffee maker, decanter and talking point in one single device.

The smallest Chemex has a fairly narrow and deep coffee bed compared to the larger Chemex and I'm in a bit of doubt if this is favourable for drip brewing. The medium and large Chemex have both a wider neck as my small Chemex. I guess the only way to find out if the different designs influence the taste of the coffee is by doing a side by side comparison. 

The little gooseneck kettle I bought from the nice guys at Röststätte in Berlin Mitte. I modified the kettle slightly by tying a leather strap around the handle. The Chemex is so far my only drip coffee maker and for this brewing method it really helps to have a pouring kettle with a fine spout for achieving the slow controlled pouring.