I'm having a washed Kenyan on my Chemex. I'm using grind setting 8 on my Hario hand grinder with 18 grams of coffee. My brew is lacking acidity and fruitiness. I'm still not really happy with what I'm extracting from these hoity-toity beans with my Chemex coffee maker. This time I'm using spring water which a friend bottled himself at some nebulous source in the Eifel near Gerolstein. Maybe the water is to high in minerals or the ground coffee is to coarse? Anyway, I'll keep tinkering. That's half the fun. 

Drinking this kind of coffee is a form of relaxation and helps to take my mind off all these messy things occupying my daily life. 

Photo taken with iPhone 5 and KitCam app. Edited in Snapseed. Click on image to enlarge.