I'm sitting at Cafe & Bakery Becker in small town Viersen and enjoying a baked cheese cake together with some brownish liquid. It's not right to have a piece of cake without coffee, even if that coffee tastes like degreaser.

Sitting in this patinated granny cafe, surrounded by retires camouflaged in pastel, I try to record some of my meandering coffee thoughts. 

I look at the coffee machine to my right, a full automated German WMF machine. With push button convenience, the young girl serving behind the counter is liberated from having to tame some fancy designed Italian espresso machine. I guess there are advantages in having some preprogrammed machine making my coffee. 

I sip the coffee and the first image which pops into my head is from some nondescript hotel lobby with some ugly carpet. The international taste of nothingness with some harsh bitter aftertaste. Industrial processed coffee beans are roasted at around 500°C for as short as 5 minutes. This is done in order to save time, resulting in a sweeter tasting profit margin and a bitter menacing bean. 

I enjoy, in some strange way, the fact that I can pay someone, knowing for sure that I will be disapointed. Disappointment points the way to higher pleasure and better coffee. 

Cafe Becker by Nicolas Gruszka.jpg