I'm making a Kenyan Tegu with my Chemex, roasted by Five Elephant in Berlin, Kreuzberg. Being still a novice in regards to tasting some of the distinct flavours, this Kenyan bean shows, like so many African beans, plenty of fruitiness & acidity. I used 18 grams of coffee, grinder setting on 6 on my Hario hand grinder and around 250ml of Volvic water. I didn't measure the water temperature as I know from experience that the temperature drops to around 90 degrees when poring it into my little gooseneck kettle. The total brewing time was around 3-4 minutes. I had a number of lack lustre Aeropress & Chemex coffees lately and was trying to figure out where things our going wrong. This time I used bottled Volvic water and a finer grind setting of medium coarse. Flavours are improving, particularly acidity is showing now.