I was walking down to Bill & Tony's on Stanley Street in Sydney when these three guys walked past me. The small guy on the right was shouting in some high-pitched nasal voice. I could hear them coming down the street well before I saw them. Later when I was editing the photo in Aperture, removing all the dust spots and rectifying a crappy development job, I tried to imagine how their childhood might have been. I started feeling sorry for the guy on the left. His hunched posture and exhaustion led me to think that in some plain way he just wasn't happy. I could hear him thinking, "life is a shit hole." 
Its easy to feel sorry for people on photos. On the day I took the photo I didn't think any further about these three men. They where junkies, obnoxious guys taking up to much space with all their shouting. A photo abbreviates, it shows but doesn't explain. Doesn't explain why and where these guys are going with their Queen-Size mattress. And why the small guy in his oversized shoes is wearing a keychain around his neck with some sort of swipe card attached. And, looking at their upper bodies, what their diet might be. The guy on the left seems to do some kind of fitness training, perhaps boxing. The skinny guy on the right looks more like a liquid diet man to me.