Note: SAD stands in this case for Seasonal Affective Disorder not for Standard American Diet.

There is a certain irony in carrying around the most light sensitive camera on the planet (the Sony A7s), while having to hurry outside at 1pm to catch some fleeting winter light sun-rays, for the sake of improving my mood & skin rashes.

This Sony A7s camera must be selling well in low-light Finland and Norway, where people have to resort to sticking beaming lights into their ears in order to infuse their cloaked brain with some nourishment.

After 13 years in Australia and being back in Berlin for 2 years, I feel this occasional thirst for some crazy Bondi Beach sunlight. I guess thats normal. Or should I order one of these portable light players like the Valkee 

I like how the woman from the ad-shot is really upbeat and sun-tanned. Probably a long time Valkee customer overdosing. And the serious guy, that shot must be from some Russel Crowe movie.  • Click on images to enlarge. All pics taken around 1pm while walking around sunny Berlin Kreuzberg & Treptow.