This is an old photo I took around 1989, showing Gerd, a friend of mine. We where holidaying in the Calanques, a mountainous range close by the Mediterranean Sea in South France. 

A recurring question to any photographer is how much photoshopping can one apply to a photo before it ceases to be a photo and turns into a collage?

In this photo I rectified an error in my framing. In the original shot my index finger was actually not touching Gerd's head. There was a tiny gap between his head and my finger, diminishing the illusion. In Photoshop I moved my index finger slightly down, in order to have it touch Gerd's head.

After altering my photo, I somehow felt that it had lost an element of naive realness. While I had corrected an error in order to make the photo look better, I had at the same time injected some kind of Botox into its for-head. 

Tools like Photoshop keep calling out - "come on, please use me, its easy." Just because I can do it doesn't mean I should do it