I was walking up the street, back home after meeting a friend. Few houses down from my apartment I came past a concrete wall with a single bricked window.

According to the Myers Briggs Typology Indicator, I'm a INFP. An introverting, intuiting, feeling, perceiving type. 

Looking at the bricked window, I remembered a quote from photographer, curator and historian John Szarkowski. Using Google unsuccessfully to locate his quote, I tried to remember the gist of his words. I believe it went something like, some photographers look out the window, into the world, and some photographers look inside the window, into the soul. I guess I'm butchering Mr Szarkowski's words here. But anyway, the main point here is the difference between the introvert and extrovert, or perhaps the sensing versus intuiting personality. 

The extrovert sensing type of photographer is a person who loves action in front of the lens. The introvert intuiting type is someone who cares more about what a photo triggers in your mind. For him/her the photo is simply a means to an end while for the extrovert the photograph itself is the end. I believe you can translate this concept onto many professions. 

In my younger years I often believed that my way of perceiving the word, looking inwards, was somehow a tad bit more refined than the looking outwards thing. Poetry versus plumbing. Age has taught me that its wiser to be more tolerant. 

Walking past the huge wall with its tiny little barricaded window, I asked myself, are there people who have neither the ability to look out into the world nor the wiring to reflect on the world within?