I'm not a subject guy. I don't care to much what I photograph. Photography happens in the mind and the visual aspect is no more than a mean to an end. If I can't find something worthwhile to photograph, anywhere, than I'm doing something wrong. William Eggleston versus Sebastião Salgado. The former photographs, casually, around his home town, while the latter travels the world extensively, till he finds the rare epic image. To quote, very loosely, art historian Kenneth Clark"if form dominates, there is a loss of vitality, if subject predominates the mind releases its hold."  

I snapped the below images today and yesterday, sitting nicely upright on my mums 30 year old dutch bicycle, cruising around the sunny country side, near the area I grew up. Decades back I wouldn't have bothered taking my camera, simply because I thought that there wasn't anything worthwhile photographing. Nowadays, I learned, that form, texture, light & shade and rhythm can be found anywhere. At least anywhere, where my mind can stop seeing clichés.