Having made it through my first full length German winter, after 14 years in Australia, there is little more invigorating than the coming of spring. Berlin parks, streets, cafes, canals, flea-markets are jam packed with sun depleted earthlings.
I have an early stroll across Mauerpark flea-market and after lunch cycle over to Kreuzberg to meet a friend for cheese cake & drip coffee at Cafe Five Elephant in Reichenbergerstraße.
Later on, after trying to find a ping pong table to no avail, we lie down in Görlitzer Park, passively inhaling some free dope, snapping some random pictures. I actually can't believe how few elderly people seem to exist in Prenzlauer Berg, Kreuzberg and Neukölln. Today I can only recall seeing one old lady, sitting on a bench by her own, and one older retiree, smoking in some sad corner of a small park. Young people everywhere, old people nowhere.
All pictures are masterfully composed along my head, eye and heart axis* and dutiful recorded by the Sony NEX7 pixelator and a Sony 35mm lens & Pentacon 135mm tele-lens (which I bought yesterday for €11 at some flea-market). Thats it from me. Back to enjoying life before I turn old and get kicked out of this city.
* That's from a quote by Mister H.C. Bresson. You know, that guy who killed the indecisive flow by pushing his decisive moment thing :-)