How do you digitise your medium format 4x4 negatives if you don't have a scanner? I developed a roll of Efke R100 127 black & white film I shot with my mums old Baby 4x4 Rolleiflex camera. However I haven't got a medium format scanner. So instead I used my iPhone as a mini light-box and photographed the film lying on the white iPhone screen. First I downloaded the free iPhone Torch app which allows to have a clutter free white screen. Using a glass from a picture frame to keep the negatives plane I set the iPhone screen to maximum brightness and underexposed the exposure slightly on my Canon G9. The quality of the photos is not superb but usable for judging purpose. On some photos you can see the grid of the pixels of the screen. The iPhone screen is not wide enough for 6x6 film. So finally I have a reason for buying an iPad.