I'm walking around Berlin, along the boulevard Unter den Linden, through the Brandenburg Gate and past the Holocaust Memorial, taking a couple of snaps with a hefty Carl Zeiss Sonnar medium format lens on my Sony NEX7 camera. I'm actually not sure what this 300mm focal length is turning into on my APS-C sensor size NEX7. Looking through the viewfinder it seems something like a 800mm lens.

I'm using a monopod and still, it's rather difficult avoiding camera shake. Using such an enormous focal length in a city like Berlin, with all it's fascinating street clutter, cranes and traffic mess is total fun. There is no lack of motives. Turn the lens a tiny bit to one direction and a totally different scenery appears. It's like looking through a telescope, where a slight movement points one to a new galaxy.

I've never used such a strong focal length before. The feeling of detachment created by the enormous distance between camera and subject is something I find interesting to play around with. I'm intrigued by how all these old lenses are finding their way back into use with a plethora of adaptors.