I'm criss crossing the medieval lanes, ring roads, cul-de-sacs, bridges and century old cobble-stones of the occasionally beautiful and more often dreary city of Liege in Belgium together with my cousin. Talk and walk, the best way to explore a city.

Taking the train from Cologne to Liege, we roll a short hour later into the pop star architect Santiago Calatrava designed Liège-Guillemins train station. A structurally impressive while irritating cold piece of big ego architecture (I can hear Calatrava saying, "benches on the platform - sorry, no way, that will destroy my beautiful clean lines"). Make up your own mind. I for my part have really developed an intense aversion against this type of architecture, where the architect confuses himself as being an artist demanding to be admired for his vain objects. I feel an arogance and disrespect towards me, where I, the traveller, should be the most important part in this train station, are treated as a nuisance by Mr Calatrava's believe that we fellow humans should love waiting standing, under his steel and concrete canopy. 

I'm going to bed now. Its late and I had to much wine and cheese to muster any meaningful thoughts about the city of Liege and its space train station which is impressive for all the wrong reasons. The waiter at the restaurant where we rested after our 12 km city walk described Liege as the city where people laugh in the day and during the night. I will need to return for a second visit to find these people and try another one of these delicious Bombe Chocolat and Pommecreme at Pâtisserie Doddies