I'm killing some time with a coffee & croissant and waiting for a return call from my camera dealer 'Foto Meyer', to tell me if they will replace my still faulty Sony NEX 7. After having wasted to many hours shipping the camera back & forth to the repair center, I was thinking of smashing the camera against some hard surface. Whatsoever, I can say that the croissants at Berlin's top department store are faultless, plenty of butter. My second croissant in four months. No room for fake dough.

On my way out of the department store, Klaus Wowereit, the Berlin mayor, walked past me, unaccompanied by his bodyguards. It seemed bid odd. His facial expression seemed to say something like, please, can't I for once be on my own? When I stepped outside I faced two black limousines and several bodyguards checking me out and looking at my camera hanging around my neck. Maybe they thought that I was a hobby paparazzi.