I hear friends occasionally saying, a slight dismissive tone in their voice, no, I don’t watch TV anymore, I think its a waste of time.

Its Sunday afternoon and I am lying in bed. Looking over to my TV screen, I'm asking myself if I should switch it on or not. Than I'm thinking, my little aluminum MacBook on my lap - come on, there is so much more interesting stuff on the internet. I’m perhaps the generation which switched from the campfire like TV over to the portable camping cooker laptop. Where previously family members gathered around a heat radiating TV screen, its now just me, hunching in front some high resolution screen, feeding my nervous nervous system with hypertext nutrition.

I remember the time, when late nights, TV channels ended their regular program, switching off their programs and the screen showing a static flickering image throughout the night.

I wonder if there will be a future generation, saying, “no no, I don’t watch the internet anymore, its a total waste of time.”