For the last few months I have been very actively not blogging. Blogging, even on a casual basis, is time consuming. I'm still trying to figure out a way how to reconcile the fact that my time is finite and insofar a precious commodity and my tendency to not allocate this commodity wisely. Maybe I should eat more soup. Making, eating and digesting soup should give me more time for blogging.

I like how the large sign uses the singular Suppe (soup) while the small sign the plural Suppen (soups). The maker of the sign probably ran out of space and dropped the N. Anyway, what slightly surprises me more is that they don't use the English word Soup, as most people in this area, Prenzlauer Berg Mauerpark, are tourists.

I was sitting in a Cafe in Berlin Friedrichstraße yesterday and only noticed after a while that the entire menu on the wall was in English. Than I imagined a scenario where English would slowly replace German as the first language without anyone really noticing. Like the regional dialects mostly disappeared, so would German vanish over time.