'Reparatur Annahme' could be loosely translated as 'Repair Reception or Center'. The place where you are meant to drop off your broken goods. Anyway, I like how language guides and shapes our thoughts. The sign above the ramshackle office assumes that one knows which repair service is on offer. For a second, after taking the picture, I thought why my mind didn't assume this being a dentists front desk or the office of a psychologist.

Walking home through a dark winterish Berlin Kreuzberg, my head made a mental list of things we humans fix, at least more than once. I realised that it was quicker to do a list of things we didn't repair. I tried to imagine what would happen if we never trashed anything, but simply kept fixing things. An ancient old shoe or prehistoric chopping knife wouldn't be displayed in some museum but rather perpetually mended and in eternal use.

The word Annahme means at the same time assumption. Let's just assume that something very old is being mended here at this ancient repair shop.