I love brewing and drinking drip coffee (also known as pour-over or filter coffee). And I try to do justice to all the people involved in growing, farming, processing, shipping and roasting coffee by not mucking up their great Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. I'm not asking for a metal, it's just a little teeny tiny form of acknowledgement. Kharma management :-)

Ok, now one of the few important variables in extracting great flavours from coffee is the consistency of the grind size. I use a $30 Hario hand-grinder at home. When brewing coffee with a Kalita Wave filter or any other pour over, pressure, vacuum or steeping method, you want consistent grind size. Why? Because an even grind size gives you an even extraction. It's that simple. 

To many of my Kalita, Aeropress and Chemex made coffees keep on lacking many of the desired fruity and acidic flavours. So today I tried a little trick after grinding my coffee. I simply poured the grounded coffee into a tea strainer and separated the very fine powdery coffee grind from the coarser coffee grind. And voila, the coffee tasted much cleaner and more balanced. No bitterness nor any tartiness. There you go. I love all that tinkering. 

The coffee you can see on the below pictures is a single estate Ethiopian Sidamo from the Shakiso Farm. Roasted by the Röststätte in Berlin. I used 18 grams of coffee on 300ml water. Blooming was 1 minute at 85ºC and than 30ml every 15 seconds to keep the water level low and consistent. I recommend a drinking temperature around 45ºC.