Vainness is a personal trait, attitude. We call a person vain but not a group of people. So how do I measure my own personal vainness? By comparing myself against my peers? By the time I spend in front of the mirror (taking self-portraits) or the number of skin care products I apply? I don't know. But I know that we creatures are fitted-out with a minimum amount of vainness for ensuring our survival in a densely populated world. Halitosis is the cul-de-sac of procreation.     

Recently I started noticing that my right eye lid is slightly sagging. I'm 46 and so far I felt that my exterior, my face, is merely changing but not yet giving in to gravity. I'm not sure how my forever young mind will cope with my ageing exterior. And I'm far too polite to ask a senior person how he is handling the loss of his firm eye lids. I know, I should be far more concerned about a sagging mind than a stupid eye lid.